Discover Our Wine Training

The Eden Fine Wines training modules

Our bespoke training modules are designed to be tailored to your business and unique staff requirements. Each module comes with its own “staff workbook” that contains all the necessary training material and sections for taking notes.

Our sessions are dynamic and interactive and are delivered in a way that is as fun as it is informative. We are here to engage and educate your staff so that they can drive your business forward with the right knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm.

Module 1: What is wine?

It’s important to cover the basics. Here we learn how each style of wine is made and the key influences on wine. This session will serve as a foundation for all the other modules, and will give your staff the necessary knowledge and understanding to progress with their training.

Module 2: How to taste wine

There is so much more to wine tasting than how the wine actually tastes! In this session, we teach your staff how to conduct formal wine tasting, taking into account the unique characteristics, flavours and aromas of different products, as well as covering the common faults that can occur. We will teach the key elements of wine tasting, including:

  • The appearance
  • The nose
  • The palate
  • The aroma and flavour characteristics, and how to describe them
  • The level of quality

Module 3: Your wine list

This is one of the most important modules for any team. We delve deep into the wines in your unique list and really bring them alive. Our aim is to make sure your staff have the necessary knowledge to accurately sell your bespoke wine list, and talk confidently about your product. We tailor these sessions to your business, so that the information your team receives is relevant and matches their level of experience. At the end of this module, your staff will be able to talk with confidence about each wine and explain key details such as:

  • The country and region
  • The winemaker
  • The winemaking process
  • Their own tasting note
  • Your food menu pairings
  • Upselling opportunities

Module 4: Food & wine pairing

Nothing can better enhance a wine than when it’s paired correctly with food. The result can be magic, and it changes a customer’s whole experience. We want your staff to be able to make knowledgeable recommendations and steer your customers towards the perfect pairing options. We will cover the fundamentals and generics of food and wine pairing, and also explore more complex elements such as adding flavours and sauces. We will also review your wine list and food menu to work out which wines pair best with what. This session really comes to life when delivered as a practical, where a selection of your wines are tasted alongside paired dishes from your food menu.

Module 5: Upselling & service

Ultimately, we want to help you sell more wine, and this module is dedicated to teaching your team how to do just that. In this session, we will build your team’s confidence and use the knowledge gained from module three so that they have the necessary understanding of your personal wine list to upsell to the best of their ability. We will also train them on how to deliver a professional level of service, through a mixture of learning and practical role play.