Portfolio & Brands

Our ever-developing wine portfolio encompasses the body of our passion for wine. We strive to work tirelessly to bring our customers wines from some of the very best wine growers and producers from around the world. From family run vineyards to major regional co-operatives we are proud to present the Eden Fine Wines portfolio…

Our flexibility allows our experienced purchasing team to work with carefully selected wineries and leading agents who share our passion and vision. We endeavour to bring you wines with character from producers with a real story and passion for their wine making. With over 500 individually selected wines in our portfolio, we believe we have a range that offers a real difference.

Our range evaluation and development is a constant process. Throughout each year we assess, taste and evaluate a large number of wines from selected wineries. As a team we then choose only the very best wines to add to our portfolio and present to our customers.

As consumer tastes change and the variety of new venues and concepts expands we endeavour to meet the needs of our customers with new and existing ranges. As well as the more traditional visual presentation of the wines we have recently developed a selection that is visually stunning and provides a real point of difference to accommodate the ever evolving market we all work in.

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