I have been spending a fair bit of time with a lovely couple who have recently opened up a quirky boutique style restaurant in Todmorden called The White Rabbit. David and Robyn are young, dynamic and extremely passionate about their food and wines and delivering the very best they can offer. They are currently aiming towards AAA Star rosette rating.

Last week we tasted our Wakefield Chardonnay from the Clare Valley in South Australia. Admittedly Robyn wasn’t keen on the idea of Chardonnay as like many others she had been put off by the cheap and nasty versions in the past. I was keen to show her what Chardonnay is all about and prove her wrong. As soon as the wine went into her mouth I saw her eyes open up. This estate bottled Chardonnay is fresh and clean with a real tropical mouth feel yet underlined with a creamy texture to give it that roundness and softness that is deserves. Robyn was that impressed she ordered this alongside their amazing pan fried sea bass, lemon snow, shallot crips and pea cream. That evening they added this wine to their permanent wine list.

They were then looking for something rather quirky and different to go along with their restaurant, something that stood out. So we went for the Viento Aliseo Viognier from La Mancha in Spain. It is an Organic and Biodynamic certified wine. This wine really has got it all going on! So much in the mouth to throw your taste buds into a whirlwind of surprises. Lip smackingly fruity at first almost like pear drops, and then the creaminess and acidity blend to smooth off such a delightful long finish. The guys were impressed and so was I as this was the first time I had tried it too. I had heard from my colleagues this was an outstanding wine and it certainly stood out. This one suits a dish with ginger and delicate spices or just to enjoy on its own. If you’re into your fine dining with a twist then The White Rabbit is most definitely worth a visit. I’m delighted to be working with this passionate couple and giving them our expert advice, support and added value. Great partnerships through food and wine.