At Eden Fine Wines we are constantly evolving and developing our wine portfolio. It is our belief that there should be a preferred style of wine for every palate and a price point for every pocket as let’s face it we can’t afford to be drinking fine Burgundy every night now can we!

Our unrelenting search for ‘value’ has recently led us to the less celebrated wine producing country of Romania. Now before all you wine buffs turn your noses up at that last statement, hear me out. It is not disputed that some of the best expressions of terroir and grape varietal come from the Old World and certainly the most expensive, however, sometimes the less known prominent regions of the world get it right too and that is where you will find excellent value for money.

I was sceptical at first when presented with the Romanian ‘Calusari’ organic range of wines. After seeing the unique presentation and enjoying the exceptional quality that had been produced, whether to add the wines to our portfolio or not was quite simply a no brainer!

The Calusari are a secret brotherhood of Romanian folk dancers famed for their ability to “fly” and I’m sure you too will be similarly enamored with the Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir named in their honor.

If like me you are a big fan of Burgundy Pinot Noir then I cannot urge you enough to try this wine as you would undoubtedly be looking at paying twice the amount for a wine of this standard from any other part of the globe and if you can find an Italian Pinot Grigio with this much body and character you can have ours for free!