New breeds of interesting, young winemakers are setting the wine world ablaze through experimental blends and whacky labels. With an ethos based on passion and a bid to bring some fun to traditionally serious and contemplative industry, wine is beginning to reach a younger audience. 

A quirky label seems like an obvious choice because as consumers we naturally shop with our eyes but there is much more to it than that.  Producers like Some Young Punks, Donovan Rall and Charles Smith are heading the movement. Limited are the days of ornate script and fancy verbiage. In describing his wines Charles Smith said ‘they look stylish, they look smart, they look like something is going to be good inside this bottle.’ In my opinion people will remember a quirky or risky label long after the subtle nuances of their favourite varietal. 

Some Young Punks do the same with no marketing team or corporate structure and by their own admission their ‘just three kids sitting around drinking beer and all of a sudden these ideas come up.’ These wines have a story, they entice the customer to engage and ask questions. This can only be a good thing right, what’s your thoughts? 

My Current Favourites

  1. Pablo Y Walter – Malbec
  2. Some Young Punks – Quickie
  3. MWC – Pinot Gris
  4. Livin Italy – Soave